A brief history

Foto_HematologieBefore the foundation of the department, the course of Oncology had pertained to the Department of Hospital Surgery.

The department of Oncology was founded in 1976 by the university professor, habilitated doctor of medicine Vasile Pavliuc. Vasile Pavliuc had been the head of the Oncology Department until 1992. During this period the department’s assistant professors were: Pavel Nicora, Nadejda Godoroja, Ion Moiş. In 1989 the following assistant professors were employed: Nicolae Ghidirim, Vladanov Ion, Popescu Constantin and Carata Dumitru.

Between 1992-1994 the head of the department was the university professor Gheorghe Ţîbîrnă. The Department of Hematology was founded in 1991 by the university professor Ion Corcimaru. In 1994 the Department of Oncology merged with the Department of Hematology, and the head of the unified department called the Department of Hematology, Oncology and Military Therapy became corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, university professor, habilitated doctor of medicine Ion Corcimaru. He had served as the head of the department until September 2013.

Since September 2013 Mr. Ion Mereuţă, habilitated doctor of medicine, university professor has been appointed as the head of the department. Along the years the following staff member activate at the department: university professor Nicolae Ghidirim, habilitated doctor of medicine, associate professor Tudor Rotaru, doctor of medicine, associate professor Valentin Martalog, doctor of medicine, associate professor Constantin Popescu, doctor of medicine, assistant professors: Andrei Ţîbîrnă, Oxana Odobescu, Nadejda Corobceanu, Diana Guţu, Lilia Bacalîm.

The collaborators of the Hematology Department have become: associate professors, doctors of medicine Maria Robu, Larisa Musteaţă, Elena Oleinicova, Vasile Musteaţă, assistant professors Maria Popescu, Natalia Sporîş, Luminiţa Groza.

The collaborators of the Institute of Oncology also participate in the didactic work: research professor Victor Cernat, university professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova Gheorghe Ţîbîrnă, university professors Dumitru Sofroni, Anatol Cernîi, Iurie Bulat, associate research professors Serghei Ştepa, Victor Eftodii, doctors of medicine Andrei Doruc, Ion Dascaliuc.

Oncology and Hematology are taught at the following faculties: Medicine-1, Medicine-2, Stomatology, Public Health, Continuous Education in Medicine and Pharmacy. At the department the practicing doctors of different specialties improve their knowledge. The specialists are prepared via Residency and Fellowship Training.

The clinical base of the department is the Institute of Oncology. It is endowed with the modern equipment, and, thus, contributes essentially to the quality of education for students, residents and doctors from the Faculty of Continuous Education in Medicine and Pharmacy.

The Department collaborates with the Oncology and Hematology Departments from Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, OncologicCenter from Moscow, Oncologic Institute “N. N. Petrov” from St. Petersburg, Oncologic Institute and Department of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine from Kiev, HematologicCenter from Moscow, HemophiliaCenter from Warsaw, CancerPreventionCenter from Anger (France).